Curriculum & Peer Support Groups




Curriculum and Peer Support Group classes are held at Family Road. The purpose of the classes are to bring a sense of awareness to the difficulty of being a father and the hardships that many dads face in a society that often neglects the needs of fathers who are dedicated to being a great dad to their children. The topics that we cover in our Curriculum & Peer Support group gives dads a platform to express themselves vocally about their concerns as a dad. 



Class Rotation

Class Topic

Class Summary

Week 1

Effective Decision Making

Rational reasoning that will lead to the desired outcome or behavior

Week 2

Parenting Skills

Skills that encourage acceptable parenting techniques

Week 3

Employment Assistance

Developing leadership skills by networking with employment agencies to gain employment

Week 4

Child Support Counseling

Laws and guidelines that govern the payment of child support

Week 5

Men's Health Counseling

Maintaining an acceptable level of hygiene and health 

Week 6

Dad 101

Being the best Dad you can be

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