Dad Support Services




Family Road gives Dads the extra edge they need by providing Dad Support Services. Dad Support Services are designed to assist Dads in becoming more responsible and socially engaged individuals. Dads will be able to receive various types of support services that assist them in becoming more knowledgeable about resources that place an emphasis on coping skills, education, child support, legal matters, job placement, and money managment. These services will seek to encourage Dads to better themselves which will help Dads take the role of being the leader their family needs them to become.   



Service Type

Service Goal

Dad Support 1

Life Skills

To educate Dads on the importance of being in control of their own life

Dad Support 2


To assist Dads in obtaining a resource to complete high school level education

Dad Support 3

Child Support Assistance

To assist Dads in knowing the consequences of not paying child support and their rights as a child supporter

Dad Support 4

Legal Guidance

To educate Dads about the laws and their involvement in the court system

Dad Support 5

Job Placement

To assist Dads in obtaining gainful employment by providing a wealth of resources to obtain employment

Dad Support 6

Case Management

Having one-on-one discussions with Dads about their overall progression through the program

Dad Support 7

Counseling Referral

Providing Dads the outlet needed to express their feelings about certain aspects of their life that will need additional attention

Dad Support 8

Money Management

Educating Dads on the importance of saving and preparing for their family's future

Dad Support 9

Anger Management

Assisting Dads with coping with behavioral problems related to the misuse of emotion toward another person


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