Job Readiness




Family Road Job Readiness Assistance offers dads the opportunity to receive instruction on advancing their career by obtaining valuable information on the practices, etiquette, and skills that are an attraction to today's workforce. When a Dad is job ready he knows that he is the leader of his family and must accept his role as such, no matter how difficult it may seem.  Program participants will be made aware of the importance of professionalism as a it relates to not only family values and working together, but also to the image of a Dad as a parent. The collaborations of Family Road with partner organizations will assist in the implementation of our vision.


Class Type

Class Topic

Class Discussion

Session 1

 Career Decisions

Finding the right career for you and how to get to that point 

Session 2

 Interviewing For A Job

Showcasing the proper image to your employer  

Session 3


 Finding out your personality traits as an individual

Session 4

 Communication & Assertiveness

 Effectively communicating and asserting ones-self to get a message across professionally


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