Dedicated Dads Program

The Dedicated Dads Program mission is to promote responsible, committed fatherhood by educating dads in child development and strong relationships, thus training dads to better their socio-economic status, and challenging them to become positive forces within their family and community. In addition, the Dedicated Dads Program will seek to create a support group for fathers which will allow them to promote a positive identity as a man, emphasize the importance of being a father, accept responsibility for their children, enhance their parenting skills, and increase their ability to become more self-sufficient by promoting self-awareness.


What Can Dedicated Dads Do For You?

Children with involved, loving fathers are more likley to do well in school, have healthy self-esteem, exhibit empathy and pro-social behavior, and avoid high risk behavior compare to children who have uninvolved fathers.-Author Unknown 

Curriculum & Peer Support Groups

 Dedicated Dads offers peer and curriculum support groups where dads discuss important topics concerning fatherhood, and also have the opportunity to connect with other dads. Session topics include: 

Effective Decision Making

Employment Assistance

Fatherhood & Parenting Skills

Child Support Counseling

Men's Health Counseling

Dedicated Dads (Dad 101)



Effective Decision Making

Covers the rational reasoning in regards to using the facts and figures that will increase the chances of the desired outcome of an accepted behavior.

Fatherhood & Parenting Skills

Covers enhancing the skills that encourage acceptable parenting techniques by offering tips that help deal with the demands of being a parent.

Employment Assistance

Covers networking with employment agencies in a professional manner and developing the leadership skills necessary to obtain employment.

Child Support Counseling

Covers the importance of paying child support and the laws and guidelines that are enforced.

Men's Health Counseling

Covers the importance of male physical examinations, refusal of substance abuse, and maintaining acceptable hygiene.

Dedicated Dads: Dad 101

Covers obtaining an identification card, life skills, money management, anger management, child care assistance, legal matters, and domestic abuse counseling.

Job Readiness Assistance 


 Through one-on-one case management and curriculum groups, Dads are afforded the opportunity to gain valuable experience in becoming more proactive. Dedicated Dads helps dads to enhance their job skills and improve their socio-economic status.

Seminar topics include:


Career Decisions 

Interviewing for a Job

Self Assessment

Communication & Assertiveness

Dad Support Services  


In addition to the services listed above, which is considered the cornerstone of the Dedicated Dads Program, the following services are supplementary services the program offers to further assist dads:


Life Skills Training

GED Preparation Referral 

Child Support Assistance

Legal Guidance

Job Placement Assistance

Case Management Services

Counseling Referral

Money Management 



Anger Managment 




Networks & Memberships